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Space Shuttle Risk Management Case Study

We are moving some of our risk management training products into the public domain to share with other agencies and academia. Check out the Space Shuttle Super Light Weight Tank Risk Management Case Study at this link: David M. Lengyel Risk & Knowledge Management Officer Exploration Systems Mission Directorate NASA

NASA Endeavor’s Final Launch Uses Online Video for Event

Photo: Space shuttle Endeavor launches on the STS-134 mission to the International Space Station. Photo credit: NASA——————- This might have been the last launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor, but it wasn’t the first time that NASA has used online video to broadcast a space shuttle launch to the world. NASA streams video of NASA TVRead… Read more »

Ideas on How to Open NASA? Spill!

Are you someone who knows exactly what it takes to make NASA the best agency possible? Do you doodle ideas on cocktail napkins and mail them to a NASA Center? Do you wake up early in the morning to watch Space Shuttle launches (like this morning’s 4:14 a.m. EST STS-130 launch) or stay up allRead… Read more »

Biggest Losers in Space?

H.R. 1962 We, the United States of America, cannot afford to become the biggest Losers in Space! If we allow the Space Shuttle program to close, for a period of at least 5 years (because programs always over-run) we will be completely dependent on Russia and possibly other nations’ space programs. WE will be sendingRead… Read more »