Leadership Best Practices at Kansas City Fed

EPP Team A visited the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank and met with the Director of Public Information and Bank Historian and with the Senior Vice President and Director of Research. We learned that the Kansas City Fed has led the federal reserve bank system in reinventing the mission of field offices from check clearing to monetary policy in rural communities. They also led the nation in agricultural economic research and are the best voice for our rural economy. It was a pleasure to visit the Kansas City Fed which is a new building that is a state of the art facillity for financial management and public service employees. They exude the feeling of confidence and stability. Employee retention is a key to their success and communication with the public on economic policy in layman’s term is an emphasis. They shred $4 million per day and we each walked away with a bag of free shredded money. 🙂

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Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Thanks for sharing your experiences from the Federal Reserve Bank visit, Arland. Until I read your entry, I would have never guessed where USDA and the Fed would overlap (in terms of agricultural economic research and rural economies). So I feel more enlightened. And getting a free bag of shredded money- that’s pretty cool!