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Learn What Other Government Agencies Are Doing With Statistical Software

Looking for better ways to analyze data? Do you want to see how other offices are simplifying computational tasks?

Then come out to the Government Advances in Statistical Programming (GASP!) workshop. This is a one-day workshop with a wide range of speakers who will present their work using open-source software for either analysis or data production.

As a government employee, data analysis is an important part of the day-to-day work. We need to analyze data in order to understand problems, explore data in meaningful ways, and offer opportunities of interpretation and presentation. As the advancement of statistical methods occurs, so too does the application of open-source statistical software, which can lead to far greater impact for different offices across agencies.

 The main themes for statistical programming will be:

  • Data science in R, python, or other open-source languages and environments
  • Practical applications for government
  • Big data and official statistics
  • Open-source software for official statistics

Additional topics may include:

  • R Shiny servers and applications
  • Anything interesting and helpful to government open-source developers

Data science and open-source statistical software are transforming government by enabling agencies to be smarter in data analysis.

Invitation for Govloop members to present at the GASP workshop.

We are inviting abstracts for possible presentations at the GASP workshop, until August 20. We plan to have sessions with 20-minute talks, lightning talks (5-10 minutes), and keynote/plenary talks. Demonstrations are welcome. We may be able to offer some presentations online as webinars.

If you are interested, submit an abstract to be considered for the program. Presenters from either government or non-government affiliations are welcome. Email the following information to Mike Jadoo ([email protected]) by August 20, 2019. We will notify you by August 23 if your abstract is accepted for the program. Please include the following:

  • Title and abstract
  • Type of talk: Regular (20-minute),  or lightning talk (5-10minutes)
  • Contact info: Name, affiliation/employer, email, and phone number

Date/time of the program:  Monday, September 23, 2019, approximately 9am-4pm.

Location: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Janet Norwood Conference Center, across the street from Washington D.C.’s Union Station.

Cost: Free. Registration in advance will be necessary to get through security.

Register here.

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