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Learn What Other Government Agencies Are Doing With Statistical Software

Looking for better ways to analyze data? Do you want to see how other offices are simplifying computational tasks? Then come out to the Government Advances in Statistical Programming (GASP!) workshop. This is a one-day workshop with a wide range of speakers who will present their work using open-source software for either analysis or dataRead… Read more »

Using Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes

“Start with what you have,” is the advice consultants recommend to organizations that are just launching a performance measurement initiative. And OMB has now issued guidance to that effect, encouraging agencies to use existing program administrative data in new ways. The Obama Administration has championed “open data” by encouraging agencies to make a wider rangeRead… Read more »

Measuring the Unobserved

Law enforcement has it tough when it comes time to measure their performance. Their effectiveness can’t be just measured on what is reported. After all, the goal of most law violators is to not be caught! So how can we measure what we can’t observe? Cracking the challenge of measuring unobserved behaviors – drug smuggling,Read… Read more »

GAO Outlines National Indicator System

GAO revisited a report it did in 2004 on creating a comprehensive indicator system to track the progress of our nation’s economy, people’s health, social well-being, and the environment. GAO looks at 20 different system used by other countries and by states and localities and offers a road map on how to develop a nationalRead… Read more »