Legal Informatics / Legal Communication Papers @ ICA 2011

The following legal informatics or legal communication papers were presented at ICA 2011: The Conference of the International Communication Association, held 26-30 May 2011, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. (Click here for the full conference program. If you know of other legal communication or legal informatics papers presented at the conference, please feel free to mention them in the comments):

  • Sanna Ala-Kortesmaa, U of Tampere; Tuula-Riitta Valikoski, U of Tampere: Professional Communication and Listening Concepts of Finnish and American Legal Professionals
  • Stacy Blasiola, U of Wisconsin: Say, “Cheese!” Bloggers and Cameras in Wisconsin’s Courtrooms
  • Clarissa C. David, U of the Philippines; Jenna Mae Atun, Ateneo de Manila U: Framing in Legislation: The Case of Population Policy in the Philippines
  • Stephanie Dixon, U of Southern California: Discursive Intervention in International Intellectual Property Policymaking: How Developing Countries and Civil Society Employ Text to Challenge and Change the Status Quo
  • Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Yale U: Towards a Deliberative Standard: Rethinking Participation in Policymaking
  • Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Yale U: Translation in the Media Ownership Debate: The Work of Civil Society Groups and the Federal Communications Commission, 2002-2007
  • John Gastil, U of Washington; Katherine Rhodes Knobloch, U of Washington: Evaluating Deliberative Public Events and Projects
  • R. G. Lentz, McGill U.: The Discursive Alchemy of Telecommunications Regulation
  • Dana Mastro, U of Arizona; Erin Blecha, Washington U – St. Louis; Anita Atwell Seate, U of Arizona: Characterizations of Criminal Athletes: A Systematic Examination of Sports News Depictions of Race and Crime
  • Shinil Moon, SUNY – Buffalo; Kitae Kim, SUNY – Buffalo; Thomas H. Feeley, U of Buffalo: Predicting College Students’ Intentions to Illegally Download Music: The Role of Norms
  • Anat Peleg, Bar Ilan U; Bryna Bogoch, Bar Ilan U: Removing Justicia’s Blindfold: The Mediatization of Law in Israel
  • SunWolf, Santa Clara U.: A Narrative Approach to Jury Deliberations in the Legal Judicial System
  • Karen Tracy, U of Colorado: How “Reasonable Hostility” Fares as a Norm of Communicative Conduct in Legislative Hearings About Same-Sex Unions
  • Xiao Wang, Rochester Institute of Technology; Steven McClung, Mercer U: Toward a Detailed Understanding of Illegal Digital Downloading Intentions: An Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Approach
  • Richard W.S. Wu, U of Hong Kong; Grace L. K. Leung, Chinese U – Hong Kong: Lawyers’ Image and Ethics in Hong Kong Television and Films: From Social Elite to Ordinary Professionals?

Those who have registered for the conference may access abstracts and full text of the papers on the conference Website. Others who wish to view abstracts or full text of these papers should contact the authors.

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