Let’s Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Plane!

Scott Heiferman of Meetup.com: Let’s build an open source car. Let’s jump out of a perfectly good plane. Lets connect small business owners to each other on a local level. Let’s meet up! When can people can do when they are self-organized? TONS!
Participation means lending hands not just voices.

Meet-up.com’s background. Successful meet-up groups:
1) Use the net to get off the net
2) Meet up groups are not just meet ups – they are build to last groups
3) They involve people in roles, they don’t simply include people as audience members

There are:
4) Thousands of meet ups daily: 1M new participants every 6 weeks
5) Last week, Meet up became profitable therefore it’s sustainable

Imagine a local community group there when you need it within miles, within days! Imagine everyone as a part of a local community group committed to making something happen. Citizen-to-citizen action.

I’m inspired!!!!

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