Letting Go of #Gov20 and Embracing #CivicTech: A Five-Year Retrospective (Plus Thoughts on What Comes Next)

Five years ago yesterday, I started my first day as the Social Media Director for the IBM Center for the Business of Government. The tulips in my garden had just started to poke out from the ground, and the DC region was still digging out from the Snowmeggedon that had walloped us three weeks prior.

One of the first series of blog posts I wrote was about what “Gov 2.0″ meant and how it might be understood within the context of the history of governance in the US.

Since that time, the conversations in the Gov 2.0 community have become both more particular and more productive, as both the number of participants and the authority they bring to bear has increased. What started as a conversation about how to use emerging technologies — social media an data technologies especially — has deepened and broadened, now encompassing issues as diverse as mobile health, open government and open data, privacy and cybersecurity, the digital and mobile divides, telework and the share economy, and, still, social media: its capacities, limitations, appropriate use, and how it meshes with, enhances, and/or obviates extant government functions.

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