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Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next Administration

This article was first posted by Dan Chenok on the IBM Center for the Business of Government Blog. In January 2017, the inauguration of a new President will be followed by the transition of government to a new Administration. The President and senior staff will be focused on important policies and challenges at home and… Read more »


Letting Go of #Gov20 and Embracing #CivicTech: A Five-Year Retrospective (Plus Thoughts on What Comes Next)

Five years ago yesterday, I started my first day as the Social Media Director for the IBM Center for the Business of Government. The tulips in my garden had just started to poke out from the ground, and the DC region was still digging out from the Snowmeggedon that had walloped us three weeks prior…. Read more »

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The Government Moves Forward with Standards and Interoperability for Health Care Information

This article was originally posted by Dr. Keith Salzman on the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. As I wrote on October 23, the government faces many challenges in implementing successful health care information exchanges that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery. This first follow-up post discusses the importance of standards… Read more »

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The IBM Center for The Business of Government: The Year in Review, 2014

This article was originally posted by Dan Chenok to the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. In 2014, as has been the case for each of our past 16 years, the IBM Center engaged in many significant discussions with government leaders through our weekly radio show; benefited from groundbreaking research by a wide… Read more »

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Creating Innovation Offices That Work

A new report, “A Guide for Making Innovation Offices Work,” details the models, methods, and metrics of how government agencies are incorporating innovation into their bureaucracies. Innovation offices are being established by many governments—including cities (Austin, Philadelphia, Chicago), states (Maryland, Colorado, and Pennsylvania), and federal agencies (NARA, HHS, State Department).  But not all offices are… Read more »

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Making Data Real – Lessons From and For Federal Leaders

This article was originally posted by Dan Chenok on the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. In a recent event, the IBM Center for The Business of Government and the Partnership for Public Service added to a significant body of knowledge about how government leaders can leverage the power of analytics and data to… Read more »

GSA, OMB, DoD, OPM: CBG Round-up, 07.18.2014

Gadi Ben-Yehuda Three Stories about GSA. How ‘Bout These Apples? The GSA turned a snarky BuzzFeed listicle into an earnest hastag, asking people to share their favorite government structures. Challenges Come of Age. Steve Kelman, writing in FCW, says that government challenges “may be one of the single largest changes in government management in the… Read more »

A-Team Edition: CBG Round-up, 06.20.2014

Gadi Ben-Yehuda Social Media in Government: How it works, it’s successes and shortcomings, and what it costs us. FedTech reports on “How Social Media Is Revolutionizing Emergency Response” with “social media guidance for first responders.” Treci Johnson writes in DigitalGov on “Trends on Tuesday: Maximizing Your Mobile Moments,” teasing out the awareness, selling, workforce, product,… Read more »

Achieving Enterprise Security to Support Agency Services

This article was originally posted byDan Chenok and John Lainhart on the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. Increased connectivity has transformed and improved access to government – citizens today can connect with government agencies and leaders in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. This connectivity, however, has also increased… Read more »