List of Editors, Columnists, Journalists, Reporters & Media, Writers On Twitter

I have just posted an external blog with lists of Editors, Columnists, Journalists, Reporters & Media, Writers On Twitter. All though there does not seem to be a communication best practice yet, I am sure these lists could be morphed into one. And, what is missing is an entire list of government public affairs persons as well. Just think of the collaborative opportunity here! I got over 200 hits in under 24 hours from this blog. So there seems to be some real interest and I thought I would share here as well.

I would encourage anyone to comment and add to the list or start a diaglog about this either on GovLoop or over at the blog @ http://bit.ly/7V64NQ

I look forward to finding and developing a best practice top dog for better PR relationships with those on Twitter. Seems like a gold mine and I am giddy with excitement.

Which of the 7 that I mention are your favorite?

Happy New Year All!
Alice M. Fisher

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I’m a big fan of Twitter lists. I think it solves a lot of the problems that the wikis and other storing mechanisms have. Whenever I see them, I want to follow a bunch of people quickly and Twitter lists solve that.

Alice M. Fisher

I belong to a few lists as well. The one thing I do not see, is a government public affairs list co-collaborating with journalists online. This is an opportunity just waiting to be ‘hatched” ( can you tell I am looking forward to Spring and warmer weather, LOL)

Alice M. Fisher

Thanks Steve, I covered most of these in the blog. The only one I did not know about is GovTwit.com
I will take a look at that one. Sure appreciate it. Have a good work week everyone