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DOE Research Issues $30M Funding Round for Electrochemical Power Generation Tech

The Energy Department’s research arm will award up to $30 million in funds to teams of scientists and engineers to develop new electrochemical technologies for power generation. Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy wants the teams to focus on developing intermediate-temperature fuel cells in order to help with grid stability and security and reduce carbonRead… Read more »

Could This Be the End of ‘One World, One Internet’?

Next Friday, December 21st, is a big day for the internet. It is the culminating day of the World Conference on International Telecommunications in Dubai, the only conference of its kind in 24 years. On the agenda is a of review the international telecommunication regulations. Since the previous meeting in 1988, much has changed onRead… Read more »

Feds Don’t Always See Mobile as Cost Saver, Senate Confirms New Contracting Policy Chief, and Fed CTO Wants to Liberate Government Data

Welcome to the weekly news kick off post from the FedConnects blog. With the long holiday weekend behind us, it is time to re-enter the working world. And what better way to get acclimated to your professional life than by arming yourself with all the actionable news you need to be the smartest and mostRead… Read more »

Advocacy Day on Capital Hill with Federally Employed Women (FEW), Today!

TODAY WE NEED YOU TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. MAKE A PHONE CALL TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND PARTICIPATE IN OUR NATIONWIDE LETTER-WRITING CAMPAIGN TO SEVEN BILL SPONSORS Federally Employed Women (FEW) announced that in conjunction with the 112th Congress and FEW’s National Legislative Agenda, FEW is conducting a nationwide Advocacy Day on TODAY!. Kicking off ourRead… Read more »

Federal Conference on Diversity: Real commitment is key for change

Why are we still asking the same questions and exploring the same issues? What needs to be different? This is how Sharon Fitzpatrick opened her discussion, “Diversity and Inclusion”, during today’s Federal Conference on Diversity. “We have the wrong conversations about the right things – lack of commitment, unwillingness for change, lack of resources,” sheRead… Read more »

Why influence, not RoI, matters for local government social media

On the whole, UK councils are doing a nice job of using social media – possibly we caught on early because we’re used to making the most of tools that don’t cost much. ‘Fair play ‘ as we say here in Wales, we’re doing getting better at engaging. But there’s loads of room to improve.Read… Read more »

Should Hospitals Be Considered a Significant Target Of Terror? Many social scientists referred to guerrilla warfare as the “weapon of the weak” and terrorism as the “weapon of the weakest,” using violence to generate fear, and thereby to achieve their political goals, when direct military victory is not possible. Today terrorists usually prefer to avoid attacking heavily defended “hard targets” such as militaryRead… Read more »

Preventing An “American Hiroshima”

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI recently issued a memo to its state and local law enforcement partners titled “No Specific Threat to American Jewish Community, Despite Recent World Events.” The intelligence document said in part: “We have no specific information that Iran or its surrogates are targeting Jewish organizations, facilities, or personnel inRead… Read more »

Mitt Romney on Food Stamps?

And Other Random Thoughts Mitt Romney has said that he’s not concerned about “the very poor”, because they have the safety net. The TANF (cash welfare) benefit for a three-person household in Massachusetts is $618 per month. The average SNAP (food stamps) benefit is $264 for that family each month. I sent an email toRead… Read more »

Advice and Counsel for Amanda

Amanda would be well advised not to make a career in government because Congress wants to eliminate the FERS retirement system and reduce it to just a 401 k plan and social security… Furthermore, the super committee in Congress appears to be failing in its mission of reducing the debt and deficit. So, if thingsRead… Read more »