Long Term Unemployment @ Christmas

I am at a local library as I am typing this. It has been a long, long haul people. I have been unemployed 30+ months, and I have cut my Internet and TV off to help me survive. I worked very hard this summer and grew nearly all of my own food and canned. It has been a Mount Everest sort of climb. I have never given up hope, but there have been days when I was very very discouraged.

I have had to re-think my career as a “mature worker” with tons of experience & how to GET ANY kind of job.

Can I just say, it has been a very humbling journey.

And, to top it all off this week, I received a letter from a state unemployment agency that on Dec 28th they are cutting off ALL emergency unemployment benefits.Really? At Christmas time??

This single message’s timing at CHRISTMAS time is simply astounding to me. No, it is beyond any words I can express. They could have waited to soften the blow and send the message out after 12/25! Good communication is vital but the letter did not even offer options at CHRISTMAS TIME for people. Nor did they wish any of us Happy Holidays. it is simply unbelievable. What are all the older workers going to do?

Needless to say, just two days before I went on an interview for a job out of my career field and applied for something I have NOT ever done. As I sat in the seat waiting to be called, I learned four other veterans were sitting there with me.

I am VERY happy to say that as a VET, I just got hired by Frederick, MD CarMax! If anyone else is unemployed and looking for employment apply @ bit.ly/1dr9pFw [Tell ’em A. Fisher, a USAF VET sent you]. They are taking online applications for the next 10 days to two weeks. So, HURRY!!

Key to this is that CARMAX is actively hiring veterans and older workers!!! I am spreading this information in the hopes that it may help someone as Christmas time. They in MY book get the GOLDEN CHRISTMAS THANK YOU AWARD for the season!!!

Just so you all know, I cried all the way home- just so happy to have a job again. It will be a lot of work, in a new direction. But, hard work is not foreign to me. And, it IS a BIG career change from contract management, and PR/Outreach. But, I am taking this two point shot and hoping for a much better year ahead.

My message, try something different and take that two point shot, as it may lead to your next success story.


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