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Looking for an easy way to access municipal services? There’s an app for that.

Online services are becoming available in an increasing number of cities and towns: from paying traffic tickets to researching zoning codes, you can probably do it from the municipal website of any forward-thinking community. However, as mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, many cities are examining options for taking online information to the next level — the mobile level. How handy would it be to browse publications about the services offered in your town, right from your iPhone?

Now you can — with YouTown, the one-of-a-kind mobile app designed to connect citizens to their local governments. The publication of city services is one of the features that makes YouTown an ideal step toward one-stop government. Agencies can publish information on any kind of service: development, recreational, municipal, educational, safety, and beyond. Citizens can browse the service offerings on their iPhones (more devices to follow) and click to view further details about the service like cost or location. There is even a “filter feature” so people can customize the services that appear on their device, fitting the YouTown experience to their particular needs and lifestyle.

An agency doesn’t even need a website to take advantage of YouTown’s publication of Services. For smaller communities trying to keep up with advancing technology, but lacking the resources or manpower to maintain an in-depth website, YouTown provides a tool to reach citizens effectively. Publishing a service is a simple process that immediately empowers people in the community to find out what the city can offer them. It’s all about connection.

Check out how these cities are already connecting with residents using the Services feature of YouTown:

  • Enid, Oklahoma gives a detailed description of the city’s “Sidewalk Repair Partnership Program”, which provides property owners an economical and efficient means of repairing or replacing sidewalks in residential areas. From YouTown, residents can discover the scope, qualifications, cost, and process of the program. From there, it’s a few simple steps to better sidewalks.
  • Prattville, Alabama keeps citizens up-to-date about the “Click it or Ticket” initiative that will run over the Memorial Day weekend. Extra police officers will be on duty, working toward a safer community by targeting seat-belt violations and other high-risk infractions. From YouTown, citizens can learn more about the initiative, which is funded by a grant program.

Mobile information about services is just another way for cities to communicate with residents. With YouTown, openness and transparency don’t have to be expensive or complicated. It’s simple for citizens and governments alike. And services are just one of many convenient functions in the YouTown app — check the blog for an in-depth look at the other features!

YouTown will be officially launched at the Gov20a event in Oklahoma on May 6th.

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