Loss vs Defeat

Although I rarely listen to the news these days, (Too much drama for me to digest in one sitting sometimes), I was compelled to listen to a story about a high school basketball team, whose story is a microcosm of life almost anywhere, almost anytown… You may have heard the story… I can truthfully say, that I was so proud of how the community came together in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, and made things happen.

The team had apparently made it to the regional playoffs… which is really something in and of itself. It’s almost like a modern Cinderella story… in that the team got invited to the dance, but many of the students, wouldn’t be able to attend, due to circumstances beyond their control. The faculty and other persons, made it possible for many of those students, who otherwise would not have been able to attend the game, to attend. It was very important to the team, to have the support of the classmates… Regardless of the outcome of the game.. their support group was there.. cheering them on.

The game didn’t go in the favor of the those students that game, however… at least 3 things happened: It was clear that the team had the unyielding support of the community, In spite of it all, they were happy and proud of themselves as a team… and… another thing that really stood out in my mind?… At least one of the players, got a scholarship to go to college…. I said to myself… Wow.. What a game!!! What a statement!!…

It is true, that there was one team that won. It’s also true that the other team lost. The most important truth to me? As far as I could tell, there were no defeats… I understand that more now than I have at any point in my life. My mother, is fighting breast cancer… She gets tired, yes… but she’s not given up… She told me that she doesn’t feel that it has defeated her. With her friends and family cheering her on, from near and far.(she’s still in Kentucky), I know that she feels the support from us all… In spirit, I’m right there with her….

I plan to do what I can, as far as the 3 day walk… Anyone else participating in the Susan G. Komen 3 day?

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