Love the Networks? Hate the Maintenance?

One of the key issues, aside from and never forgetting a good Social Media Policy, is the allotment of resources to maintain and monitor your various forums.

Many of the various forums allow you to port (import) or stream one thread platform into another. For example, I utilize FaceBook as my onestop center, and I had my LiveJournal blog stream into Facebook as notes, and my Twitter updates imported automatically in to my Facebook status updates. This is very handy, but it would be better if we could go the other way.

And today I read a tweet from Eric Neitzel (@ENeitzel) ( RT @ENeitzel Link Your Page to Your Twitter Account. You can now export your Facebook Fan Page updates to Twitter. http://bit.ly/Dd0mM ).

My own comment to my Facebook status of the above: “This got me so excited – but then I realized – it’s only for Facebook Fan Pages. This is going to be so great – for what the Forest Service has in mind, if we ever get the clearance. Can you imagine a one stop shop to get the word out about Forest Service happenings, with a minimum of fuss muss and maintenance? But I wish this was something we … Read Morecan also do for individual accounts, like mine.

I currently import my Twitter updates as my Facebook status, but it would also be handy to go the other way. Especially since all we do on Twitter is Tweet, and we do other things (like post blogs/notes, share links, and play Farmville) on FaceBook.”

For the purposes of this forum, this will be wonderful – Agency’s Fan pages can automatically update your Twitter status – and thereby cut down your dual-maintenance in pushing out alerts and messages. But I’m curious: What other obstacles have some of you encountered when it came to creating and/or maintaining your agency’s Twitter and/or Facebook accounts?

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I think a big issue is how to respond to comments to an agency’s Twitter or Facebook account. Social media is about a conversation so agency’s need to respond but are still working out what would make sense as ground rules.