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Self-Esteem and Facebook/Twitter

X-posted to WordPress – not really government related, but Social Media related: We all remember the pseudo-psychology of the 80s when Self-Esteem issues were identified and the concept beat to death as a crutch for young up and coming emergent adults when we suffered failures in life. As we approach the end of this decade,Read… Read more »

Empathy vs. Sympathy – Customer Service Week Diatribe

As part of the “celebrations” of this week, Customer Service Week, I am attending various Customer Service related webinars. Whenever I attend similar functions, I get extremely agitated by the constant pounding of the use of empathy; and the term is used incorrectly. I have been in Customer Service for the last 22 years. InRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy and Knowledge Management

(The following was originally posted as a response to a Discussion List topic on Social Media Policy in FS Communications, a GovLoop Group) I have been entertaining a thought that is pertinent to this direct topic, but also to the entire landscape of knowledge and information management. The key word in that phrasing is “management,”Read… Read more »

How to be polite on Facebook – Reader’s Digest, August 2009 This is an invaluable resource for folks who are still resistant to the idea of joining the Social Networks. It is not imperative by any means that any individual create and monitor a Facebook account, but if you are interested, but not sure you can handle the overwhelming demands on your time and attention,Read… Read more »

Repeat of my Introduction – Originally Posted June 26th

Hi, there. My name is Yun-Mei Lin, and I currently work for the USDA Forest Service, in Albuquerque, NM. Personally, I have been involved in multiple Social Media networks, but have only recently discovered that businesses and government agencies are actually starting to utilized these tools to enhance communication and productivity. I am a majorRead… Read more »