Lyrics to Learn English (by) (or not)

A few days ago

On my daily commute via metro

A mother was teaching her child English

Using music as a tool.

When I was a wee one, I practiced English to the Mo’ town tune

There were the Temptations, Smokey, O’Jays, and Parliment Funkadelic (smile)

Sure my parents and their friends were my English teachers

They talked to me, read to me, encouraged me, practiced words and phrases

But when it came to the discovery of words, the music of Mo’ town was right there as an equally strong influence

Oh, and Sing-a-long with Mitch (’cause my Parents tuned into that and Lawrence Welk) you get the point

Back to the Mom and her daughter

The lyics being repeated by the Mom and daughter duo

On my entire (repeat entire) 30-minute trip were:

Look at me now, Look at me now, I’m gettin’ papa fresh den a mug.

Were is Smokey when you need him?

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