Make Yourself Three Times More Likely to Get Hired

On a recent Web-surfing tangent, a blog entry came across my screen that I found interesting. From the blog, The Career Guide: A complete online Guide to your all career, there was an article titled “How To Make Yourself Three Times More Likely to Get Hired.”

I consider myself one of the fortunate ones to have a job he or she likes. Nonetheless, the article explored intersting statistics regarding interviews and hiring practices including:

  • The first person interviewed gets the job only 17.6% of the time. But the last person interviewed is hired almost 56% of the time, or more than three times more frequently
  • Almost two-thirds of the time the best qualified candidates don’t get the offer
  • The person chosen often meets fewer than 50 percent of the job qualifications

To read the full blog entry, visit: http://thecareerguide.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-to-make-yourself-three-times-more.html

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Paul Day

1) Have a portfolio of work that shows that your the real deal. That’s more important than anything…

2) Find the organization you want to work for and build a relationship with the staff. Don’t go in as a stranger.

3) Skip jobs that scan your resume through a database. You don’t want a factory job.