Management of Talented Employees

Federal managers don’t think of losing talented employees. I read the article below and cannot agree more. If they don’t have good strategy to retain these talented employees or utilize their talents in the right positions, they will lose them in different forms. The lack of the right senior leaders and managers in the right management positions is to blame. This article reminds me of the Employee Viewpoint Survey Results for 2012. How to manage people, especially talented employees, should be on the management agenda for weekly or monthly leadership meetings. Federal managers should not take anything for granted and may be surprised to see that talented employees will submit their resignation or walk out of the door. Federal agencies with low scores in leadership or senior leadership in the 2012 Employee Viewpoint Survey Results may want to review how talented employees are being utilized. I would add #11 to this article that is “they failed to exercise good management practice in the utilization of talented employees”. Great article!

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