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Somehow over the last few months I have started using a few tools that help either manage my personal reputation or keep a track on my network. I suspect that this is because I follow some people on Twitter who have a strong interest in recruitment.

So here are a few interesting/useful tools:

Bullhorn reach does a few things but I only use it to ‘monitor’ what people in my network might be doing. I say monitor in the loose sense as it more to see how the tool works. What it does is track what others are posting or changing on their profiles and sends out messages saying:

24 Potential Movers in your Network

Based on their activity, the following people may be considering a career move – then lists some names.
Job change notifier is added to your LinkedIn account and sends you email alerts when someone changes jobs. It also does this when their job title changes. Its quite handy if you want to congratulate someone on a new job.
I might have mentioned MyWebCareer before as a good way of managing your own online presence. For example yesterday it sent me alert saying that it had found new mentions of me online and did I want to check them as really being me and something I want to highlight. Quite handy.
Topsy can also be useful to set up alerts on your own name and see what others can see of your activity on some common social networks.
Of course this is not even considering what you might want to do with LinkedIn which is another story…

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks for sharing this Nick. I took actions on each site.

Surprised to see that my score on MyWebCareer was 830 / 850. It says that puts me in top 1% of their registered users. Either they (a) don’t have many registered users or (b) something feels fishy. I have a solid web presence, but didn’t think it would be that strong. Thoughts?