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Microservices or Mammoth Services?

I suspect that I need to explain both these terms so here goes. Microservices The word Microservices has become popular recently as short hand for a particular approach to online services. The basic idea is simple. It is that when new services are created that they are sliced up into discrete parts that can operateRead… Read more »

Do You Have an API Economy?

APIs have been around a long time. Not sure what an API is? The Next Web is worth reading on this… As ever Wikipedia has a good answer: ‘In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) specifies how some software components should interact with each other.’ Sounds straight forward, or is it? Of course asRead… Read more »

Has the Government Digital Comms Community Sold Out?

There was as time when those working in digital comms in government liked to think of themselves as pioneers, dogooders, renegades, jeans wearing, pizza eating innovators; disruptors with a start up mentality. Is this still the case? Here are some reflections… What is the evidence? Govcamp the annual get together was initially a very lowRead… Read more »

Does Digital Engagement Really Exist?

What do I mean by asking ‘Does digital engagement really exist?’ As I have categorised this post under digital engagement it suggests that I believe in the concept, but lets see where this leads… I was struck last week by the comments of @betonykelly and @timolloyd from BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, England)Read… Read more »

Do you really want user feedback? Part 3

In this series of posts about feedback so far I have been talking about some external digital services. What about internal services? Surely you want some feedback on those as well? What kind of internal digital services could be relevant? Well intranets jump to mind. So does your intranet allow colleagues to leave feedback onRead… Read more »

How the Public Sector Can ‘Buzzfeed’ Its Content

I recently attended an excellent event called News:rewired. As part of the event there was a speaker from Buzzfeed who highlighted their underlying principles. In particular they aim to ‘bake in the share imperative’ by creating engaging content that triggers actions such as: inspiring awe being positive surprising its readers It’s easy to be snootyRead… Read more »