Mecklenburg County eGovernment Strategic Plan

Last week I shared Mecklenburg County’s Social Media Strategy, which is really a document related to our overall eGovernment Strategic Plan. The link to the eGov plan is provided with this blog post, and you are welcome to use any or all of the content. (And, if by chance, we have plaigerized anything, it was unintentional. A number of staff members contributed and a lot of documents were researched).

http://www.charmeck.org/Departments/County+Managers+Office/eGovernment.htm (see key documents)

There are 7 key strategies identified in the plan that will drive the short-term direction for the County’s eGovernment investments.

1. Continue expanding employee mobility and telecommuting capabilities to give workers the same experience as though connected at the office.

2. Provide anytime, anywhere access as part of the planning, design, and delivery of services.

3. Deploy technology that facilitates collaboration and increases productivity by employees.

4. Establish an enterprise business intelligence approach for determining what County data exists, where it is located, and how it can best be used.

5. Expand communication and public engagement via the web, including use of social networking platforms.

6. Maintain a secure and reliable infrastructure to ensure business continuity for critical County systems.

7. Continue a cost-effective enterprise approach for funding and governing technology resources.

Strategy 7 refers specifically to County Commission approval in FY 2005 of a corporate funding method for technology, the eGov-Technology Reserve. The technology reserve is one of three (capital and fleet are the others) reserves funded by allocation of up to 1% of the County’s net revenue annually, with any unspent portion carrying over to subsequent years. Last FY, the total reserve allocation was $7.7 million, with the technology portion being $2.25M, the lowest funding level we’ve had since inception.

Clearly having this level of sustained funding requires more than an annual perspective for funding decisions, hence the importance of having a plan.

I’ll write more about the actual funding process another time…in the meantime, comments on the eGov plan are welcome.

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Very crisp and clean. #1 seems especially important as we see with the East coast snowstorms and need for employee mobility and COOP.