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More on Social Media

I’ve been kinda slack in posting updates to my blog, but thought I’d share this news item from the Charlotte (NC) Observer. (This is not meant as a slight to my City of Charlotte counterparts.) My guess is City Council and County Commission members may now get engaged in a discussion on the differingRead… Read more »

Mecklenburg’s Commission Planning Conference Online Live

This may be of interest to some – we’re broadcasting our Board’s Strategic Planning Conference live on ustream, plus tweeting with hashtag #MeckBOCC. All files and docs digitally available at

I Left My Blackberry at Home

I’m in the car this morning headed for work digging the garage rock channel on Sirius radio (no charge for the plug Sirius) and I realize I left my Blackberry at home. Fudge. Now what? Sort of at the halfway point, you know where turning around is just going to be enough of a detourRead… Read more »

Name Suppression From Online Property Applications

We were asked recently to “look into” suppressing names from Mecklenburg County’s online property owner system. The request originated from the criminal justice ranks, the specific concern being that criminals might use the system to get address info for police, prosecutors, and judges, but not for sending thank you notes. Just doing a survey (… Read more »

Mecklenburg County eGovernment Strategic Plan

Last week I shared Mecklenburg County’s Social Media Strategy, which is really a document related to our overall eGovernment Strategic Plan. The link to the eGov plan is provided with this blog post, and you are welcome to use any or all of the content. (And, if by chance, we have plaigerized anything, it wasRead… Read more »

Examples of Twitter use by Mecklenburg County

I had a few inquiries about Mecklenburg County’s Twitter use, so thought I’d post examples – @MeckCounty The County Manager recently visited the Thomasboro Community of Shalom seeking feedback on the upcoming county budget: (Ties in with our use of a Mecklenburg YouTube channel.) @meckhealth Save the date. Mecklenburg County Public Health Forum HealthyRead… Read more »