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Meeting Notes from April 17th ACT-IAC Content Delivery Committee

ACT/IAC Content Delivery Committee
Teleconference April 17, 2009

Meeting Attendees:

Martha Przysucha, Program Chair, C&T SIG
Tchad Moore, Group Lead, Applied Web 2.0, C&T SIG
Tom Suder, Group Lead, Web 2.0 Technologies, ET SIG
Angela Norris, ACT Top 10 Committee Lead, Program Committee
Mary Davie, Acting Asst Commissioner for Customer Accounts and Research, GSA FAS

Genesis of today’s meeting – C&T SIG April 2nd meeting notes: Martha led a discussion regarding using the ACT-IAC Facebook as part of a new delivery mechanisms for delivering SIG and other ACT/IAC SIG program content. Martha would like to see IAC progress as a leader in providing timely content via these social networking sites versus static repositories.
It will not replace IAC Programs that provide the personal interaction but it will allow our SIGs to release thought leadership-driven content before the information becomes dated due to rapid changes in our environment. Martha suggested contacting Mary Davie – GSA Acquisition, including Acquisition 2.0 group in GovLoop, and will work with Tchad and team and set up a meeting to discuss these possibilities.

Angela had also proposed to coordinate a program for the ACT Top 10 group on Acquisition 2.0, possibly using GovLoop.

ACT/IAC Content Delivery Committee Agenda
– Ultimate goal is rapid delivery to ACT and IAC members and government
– How we deliver content today
– Mechanisms for more rapid delivery and broader outreach to membership
– Pilot program(s)
– IAC Governance through IAC Communications Committee
– Next Steps

Today’s content delivery:
o Roundtable or Executive Session
 One speaker or panel at select venues
 Lottery is held to limit capacity and provide access to all member companies
 Slides are sometimes provided to attending members and posted to IAC site
 Cost to attend if held at public venue; free if held at government venue. Other costs include IAC staff time and materials.
 May be not for attribution, no press coverage.

o IAC Membership Meetings
 Open and free to all IAC members and government attendees
 May be limited by venue capacity but not typical
 Costs for room rental, IAC staff time and materials
 Open to press, not always covered.

o ACT/IAC Conferences, including regional events
 Cost to attend for both govt and IAC members
 Limited attendance number dependent on venue
 Corporate members are limited through membership fee structure and sponsorships
 These events are revenue generating for ACT/IAC
o Web 2.0
 IAC President Blog
 Use of Facebook and GovLoop and Twitter – needs to be quantified
 LinkedIn is not a good site for collaboration and posting of content

Tomorrow’s content delivery:
– Social networking options – Facebook, GovLoop, etc.
– Video is open to all IAC members
– Need to understand cost models for these alternate delivery methods

Possible delivery mechanisms:
– Static Video on website
– Webinar with interactive chat
– Personal Interaction/Roundtable that is videotaped
– Town Hall and video

Mechanisms for video production and /or webcast
– Video camera and tripod at IAC offices
– IAC Members’ Video Production Facilities (CACI, Boscobel, etc.)
– GSA Production facility
– IAC Program venues (hotels). These facilities typically charge the user hefty fees for use of their A/V equipment for videotaping the event. If we can use a govt production facility or their auditorium (GSA has webcast capability available) with videotape capability, that is preferred to reduce costs.
– Twitter the notes stream throughout the session (Cliff Notes version)
– VTC with leaders outside the DC area on split screen (example – Supply Chain Manager from Johnson & Johnson in Houston is viewed on a split screen (think Today Show) while the D.C. Supply Chain panelists are viewed in another screen pane)

Issues with use of social networking tools
– Privacy
o Must have permission of speakers/panelists to videotape and post
o Must alert audience members of same as above
– Content control
– Access control to site
o Access by IAC members only vs. general public
o Access by only ACT government members? Or general public
– Evaluating the value-add of the content to our paying membership… surveys, separate blog?
– Coordination/governance of posting suitability (no one hour videos, reading a white paper verbatim)
– Blog content control and record keeping
– More to be explored by this committee and others

– There are several examples of government policy for use of GovLoop on the “Blogs” section of GovLoop.
– ACT/IAC will provide the governance and policy from the following:
o IAC Communications Committee
o SIG Leadership
o Program Committee
o IAC Executive Board – final policy

The GovLoop engine is free. The postings can be sectioned off on the site. We can also build applications within the GovLoop site.
IAC needs to be able to impact and react to the govt community with inertia, not static documents such as those on the current IAC website. 500+ IAC member companies have access to federal data points in government and IAC and the SIGs can react quickly on the current issues in a timely manner using these social networking tools, versus months of preparation of a SIG white paper that is buried on the IAC website.

Mary will ask Andrew Krzmarzick, Senior Project Coordinator, Graduate School, USDA in Durham, NC, to participate on this Content Delivery Committee. Andrew is a MegaUser in GovLoop and active contributor to many group blogs.

Acquistion 2.0 Program and Financial Transparency Programs will serve as pilots. The programs will be traditional program panels but will be videotaped, twittered, etc. for alternate content delivery.

– Continue to plan the Acquistion 2.0 Program (ACT Top 10) and Financial Transparency (C&T SIG) programs as traditional programs. Angela will contact Esther Burgess of the Acquisition SIG for coordination.
– Explore alternate content delivery for each.
– Prepare proposal for IAC Executive Board with input from this committee. Identify other IAC and government contributors for this ACT/IAC Content Delivery Committee. Most likely will be presented to new IAC EB in June/July timeframe.

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