Memorial Day – Before and After Through A Widow’s Eyes

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Memorial Day was always a favorite holiday for me. I remember as a young kid riding through Lakeside Cemetery and going to each and every parade yet never fully understanding the true meaning of the day. To me, at age 13 in Muskegon, Michigan, Memorial Day was simply a day to ride my bike, watch the parade, get free hot dogs afterwards and hang out with friends.

I grew up, met Kelly Hall and we fell deeply in love. I remember sitting with him watching the Panama Invasion and he couldn’t sit still, he said that he had to answer something inside of him. So, he signed up to join the military and quickly became part of the 82nd ABN. He was soon on his way to Operation Desert Storm. Kelly’s deep desire to serve his country and take care of his family stirred something in me that I had never felt before – a sense of pride and honor that could take my breath away.

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