Metrics That Matter For 2010

Greetings, All.

A Silicon Valley technologist (and highly evolved member of our species) has uploaded a short PDF that’s worthy of this community of leaders’ attention. If anyone cares to know, my focus in 2009 was numbers 1,2, and 7 and it will remain so in 2010. Which metrics speak to you?

A related post, Reflecting on the past year – two questions, is also worthwhile.

Best wishes for health, happiness, prosperity, and public service excellence in 2010.

Kitty Wooley

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K. Scott Derrick

Kitty: Excellent post for the new year. I will be focusing on numbers 1, 2 & 4. Thank you for your efforts toward public service excellence in 2009 and best wishes for 2010.

Debra L Fryar

This is great. But I think it is hard to estimate the impact you have on others. I think that most people have more impact that they realize. Hopefully it is in a positive way.


This is a great framework and question. I do agree with Debra in that sometimes it is hard to estimate the impact you have on others.

I’d say people often pay attention when you aren’t aware. I went back home for the holidays and I was amazed at how many of my friends who I thought hadn’t known what I’d been up to with GovLoop (these are high school buddies not working in government) actually had been watching via Facebook updates and were excited for me. It was a great feeling.

And I would say the reverse. Many people I really trust, admire, and impact me probably never know. I need to let them know more…


I’ve been blessed in that 2009 was really successful in a lot of these key areas. I met a number of people that I truly value and maintained relationships with many others that I cherish.

My #1 metric for 2010 is:
Number of memorable “moments” that you created for others in a year

That’s a key I’d like to see how many memorable moments GovLoop can create for others. Whether that’s highlighting great projects or giving back to great causes.