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Balancing Your Metrics Portfolio

How do you measure the immeasurable? Things like human capital and human resources? Let’s be real, we want to know if we are properly investing in the right practices and the right people. But, the big question is how do we go about doing so? Kevin Desouza, the Associate Dean for Research at the CollegeRead… Read more »

Top 5 Email Metrics To Track Consistently (And Why You Should Care)

Now is the time to determine which email metrics you will need to analyze to ensure you’re effectively measuring performance and moving the needle toward your goals. In this post, we’ll identify the top five email metrics to continually track and why they are important.

Measuring Creativity: Part Two

Last week we looked at indicators that might be measured in relation to factors that can foster creativity and innovation in organisations. In this post we’ll consider possible measures of creative activity and the outcomes of creativity. Creative activity The measurement of creativity itself is arguably about monitoring ideas that are generated. This can beRead… Read more »