Mexico City’s Government public Administration Innovation event

Here at Mexico City, Mexico, the Administration Innovation Office, the agency I work with, is organizing an Government Innovation event, on june 9th and 10th.

It would be great if any at the community could share with the Mexico City’s Government some ideas about web 2.0 and Government. So, I am posting this for all of the community if you want to come to Mexico City on thos dates. We don´t have funds, so we are working with a company that is organizing the commercial side and will inform us tha availability of sponsorship for air tickets or acommodation.

All of the Tecnology areas in Mexico City’s Government and Citizen Affairs are going to attend the event. In the Programme will be as lecturers Uday Sreekanth and Kartik Raghavan, from the Obama’s Campaing, and we will have the mexico City’s Barcamp organized by Tequila Valley, the Mexico web 2.0 organization.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.

Thank you very much in advance

Carlos Castaneda Giron
ICT Policy and e-Gov Director
Mexico City’s Government

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