Cell taps: fact or fiction?

Ever get the feeling someone is closer than you think? or watching you? or worse, listening to your conversations on your cell phone?

My cousin sent me this YouTube link and after watching it, I’m left pondering its validity…

Any one have any information on this type of technology? or if, in fact, it is common practice for the government or anyone for that matter?

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Henry Brown

Depends on your definition of “common”… Doable and I am sure that there has been more than one legal opinion authorizing wiretapping of cell phone, yes different technology than good ole land line but…
In fact http://www.wthr.com/Global/story.asp?s=9346833 which is apparently where the YouTube video originated tells how the FBI has used the technology

And since we know that EVERYONE in the world is totally honest I am sure that there has NEVER been any cases of anyone engaging in this activity illegally (GRIN)

Ed Albetski

I went to a security conference hosted by the IMMIX group last year. It was held at the Spy Museum here in DC. One fellow’s presentation recounted how he sat with his laptop during the first session compiling a collection of e-mails those around him were receiving on their wireless devices. When stepped up to the podium, he read several, eliciting gasps from the room. Cell phone transmissions and most email devices have no or little security. He had our attention. As to your question, yes, it is more common that you think. Our government, and others, have “listening posts” all over the world to gather intelligence. While we can argue the morality or legality of our government spying on it’s own people, other governments are definitely spying on us. Probably any well-versed geek can do this. Good to keep in mind that cell phone conversations are not very private.


Disgusting! I belive it….thanks for sharing!

And my family thinks I’m strange for keeping a land line that’s NOT cordless!

Anita Arile

True to that @Tricia! I got rid of my cordless phones, regardless of the “channel changing” option.

@Ed, I am both for and against tapping.. I just have to monitor what I talk about these days..

On the same topic, I’m assuming texting is also monitored.. hmmm..