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Microsoft – Open Government Platform of the Future

For our Open Government Canada webinar, Nik Garkusha, a leading Open Data expert from Microsoft, will cover the ‘Open Government Platform of the Future’.

You can follow Nik’s pioneering Open Source Community work at their Port 25 site.

Open Government Platform of the Future

The future of Open Government is transparency, efficiency & civic engagement. The challenges they face in realizing this vision include:

  • How to take the Gov’t beyond just sharing data & drive more use of open data?
  • How to enable “Gov’t as a Platform” to drive a vibrant ecosystem of citizen-ready applications (not just data dumps)?
  • How to empower citizens to use & add value to open data apps via familiar web, mobile & social media channels?
  • How can technology enable governments to transition to this future, and how will government organizations need to evolve in process?

Nik will explore the answers to these questions and explain what a future Open Gov Platform may look like, and what technologies will play a pivotal role in bringing better efficiency, innovation & more citizen engagement, while also enabling effective listening and learning mechanisms to harness the “knowledge of the masses”.

Nik Garkusha is the Open Platforms Lead at Microsoft Canada, responsible for a number of Open Source, Open Data and Open Government innovation programs in Canada. He founded OpenHalton.ca, a citizen-led Open Gov initiative in the Halton Region, Ontario and is a technology evangelist, open data hacker, web architect and a “professional geek”.

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