Mission Essential Personnel Enters Health Solutions Market With HealthSpot’s New Virtual Clinic

December 19, 2011

Columbus, OH – Mission Essential Personnel, LLC (MEP) today announced a strategic partnership with HealthSpot, a revolutionary technology company that will improve access to high quality, affordable healthcare. HealthSpot’s Care4 Station is a kiosk that serves as a virtual doctor’s office. MEP will be the exclusive provider of the Care4 Station to the US government, the military, and select global partners.

MEP CEO Chris Taylor said, “About 30% of the Pentagon’s defense budget is consumed by healthcare expenses. Our returning women and men in uniform, veterans, and federal employees deserve exceptional care at far lower cost. The MEP Care4 Station, powered by HealthSpot, will do just that. From Bagram to Boston and Nairobi to New York, the MEP Care4 Station will connect people to doctors, some for the very first time, and that’s very exciting to us.”

The MEP Care4 Station will enable anytime visits to a doctor – office hours no longer define hours of service. Patients will visit the Care4 Station for a variety of primary care conditions, including minor illnesses, skin conditions, allergies, and preventive medicine. A high-definition videoconference provides access to physicians in virtually any location and any time zone. And digital medical equipment integrated into the unit sends doctors diagnostics like temperature, blood pressure, and more. An attendant will be on staff to offer technical help and sanitize the Care4 Station and instruments.

HealthSpot CEO Steve Cashman said, “Our vision is to bring the healthcare industry new technology and an efficient means of delivery that will increase access at a crucial time in the industry’s evolution. HealthSpot is real doctors, real medicine, and really convenient. This strategic partnership with MEP gives us the opportunity to get the Care4 Station to the federal and military markets. I’m excited to work with Chris and his team for great success.”

HealthSpot is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. The company is currently running a pilot program with Central Ohio Primary Care, the second largest physician-owned primary care group in the United States.

A video about the Care4 Station is available here.

Photos of the Care4 Station at a recent health fair are available here.

About MEP:

MEP is a global professional services company with primary offices in Northern Virginia and Columbus, OH. MEP provides human-capital solutions and program support to government and corporate clients. Currently, MEP is the world’s leading provider of translators, interpreters and cultural advisors, with more than 8,300 personnel in 13 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. In addition to language services, MEP provides intelligence analysis and support, training and technical services to the US Department of Defense, intelligence agencies and international development organizations.

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About HealthSpot:

HealthSpot is a health and technology company based in Dublin, Ohio. The company was founded in 2010 with the goal of increasing access to affordable healthcare while enhancing the patient experience. HealthSpot has built a telemedicine practice management platform that convenes doctors and pharmacists alongside the consumer, delivering a first-of-its-kind consumer experience through its Care4 Station. HealthSpot empowers healthcare professionals to offer a wide range of medical services in convenient locations like pharmacies and retail settings in the heart of where patients live and work.

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