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MLW 2011: In Norfolk, Virginia

I’m here in Norfolk, Virginia for the 2011 Military Libraries Workshop. This is the 55th Military Libraries Workshop and the theme is “Riding the Information Wave”. This year’s events include a DTIC boot camp; Veterans History Project workshop and presentation, offsite at the MacArthur Museum and Archives; and presentations on information overload, managing your library’s managers, the value of libraries, open source integrated library systems, analysis of intelligence, and more.

Norfolk VA view - image by M. Kaddell

Of course, some of the first things you are going to take notice of in Norfolk wil be the water and the ships.

Mermaid in Norfolk VA - image by M. Kaddell

And the mermaids. This one is in front of the Main Norfolk Public Library building which is currently closed for construction of the new Slover Memorial Main Library.

Main Norfolk Public Library - image by M. Kaddell

The Main Norfolk Library is quite beautiful and I wish that it was not closed so that I could have gone inside to explore.

There was even some good advice to be had:

Look Both Ways - image by M. Kaddell

LOOK BOTH WAYS. This is great advice for all of use to consider whether crossing the street, living life, or being an agile and future-ready information professional.

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