MOBI: It’s the KISS of Mobile Platform Development.

I was speaking today to the founders at Click and Pledge, a company that develops online fundraising solutions. We are talking about the perils of nurturing an IT start-up in a community other than the big-brand IT hubs like Silicon Valley, etc. Then I read something one of them wrote a while back.

I hope you don’t disagree with my BI & AI approach towards life, that is Before & After Internet. Before Internet our interactions were app-centric and after Internet they became browser-centric. Now thinking back and looking at the state of mobile world today it makes me wonder if we are going a full circle back into the app-centric world. What is going on? Have we forgotten all the problems we were having with apps? Updates, upgrades, bugs, installs, uninstalls, and re-installs! Frankly I think the answer is YES- we have forgotten the year 1 BI. I, for one, remember those days clearly and that is why I don’t wish that for our clients & their patrons. At Click & Pledge we believe apps are not a practical solution for our clients and that is why we are designing everything around the browser. A browser-centric approach offers an immediate presence in the mobile world regardless of the device used. No apps to install, no apps to upgrade, and no apps to manage. via

Good thing I read it. We were about to give the go-ahead on the development of a whole suite of mobile phone apps for SKUZME, our beta transport centric social media networking service. We were going to start with iPhone and Droid, and get to the others later. What I read got me thinking about something my friend Harry King told me several years ago, when I was pumping money into a Symbion app for the African market. Harry runs a South African mobile solutions outfit based exclusively on a browser centric MOBI platform. What he told echoes the strategy that the folks at Click and Pledge are following, that MOBI offers a cost effective, rapid and cross-platform presence in the mobile arena.

Needless to say, we will be redirecting our mobile deployment strategy.


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