Can you tweet what you offer an employer?

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We’re having a great discussion about how to help employers pick you out of a stack of resumes on a blog post I wrote a few days ago.

One of the suggestions from Andrew Krzmarzick was to headline your resume with “Top 5 Reasons Why I’ll Nail This Position.”

I wonder whether I could really boil down what I offer and cover just the highest high points. Naturally, that leads me to Twitterlike thinking.

So here’s your challenge: imagine any job you’d apply for. Describe it briefly, then sum up what you offer for that job in 140 characters or less.

Here’s mine:

Job: leading a large, complex, wide-ranging agency’s web efforts (I know, it’s a stretch!).

What I offer: Led: 9/11, Katrina, other crisis sites; EPA web governance; EPA, gov social media. Pushed: boundaries, creativity, innovation! Freq speaker.

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Adriel Hampton

Chief Organizer, NationBuilder, a SaaS platform for organizations. Must like the social media.

“I want NationBuilder to succeed as much as you do. ~ @adrielhampton”

Andrew Krzmarzick

Job (just making this up – not going anywhere!): Executive Director, Non-Profit

Tweet: Raised $100 million for non-profits, effective speaker, passion for connecting people to solve important problems

Christopher Whitaker

Free Agent, wants a team that uses big ideas to take on the big problems

Tweet: Seasoned vet from front lines of government, educates, advocates, communicates and works hard to solve the big problems, #MPA grad student

Steve Lunceford

Andy’s is the only one that mentions success, which is a must, I think (raised $ and is an *effective* speaker).

Margaret Schneider Ross

Jeffrey, you’re hired! 🙂

Job: Change management lead on fed enterprise software rollouts (gov side)

Tweet: MBA w/passion for all things change, 4+ yrs IT change strat exp, 9+ yrs fed proj exp seeking partner 4 serious fun/trimuphs w/IT rollout.

Don’t have a concise list of leadership victories in this field, so I’m going with an attempt at wit.