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I was able to head to Drupalcon Chicago at the beginning of March and found that I really love hanging with geeks, girl geeks, guy geeks, young geeks, old geeks, ubber geeks and accidental geeks (I’m one of them). All in all, I came away from that experience with a renewed desire to build a better Drupal4Gov community! And I wasn’t the only one!

So, with this effort in mind, it’s time to host a new Drupal4Gov event, this time, we’re adding in real coding and documentation. And we want you to join us (well, space is limited, so we want some of you to join us).

On April 20th at 1:30, Drupal4Gov members will be meeting at the Administrative Offices of the US Courts (Thurgood Marshall building near Union Station) to conduct a mini coding and documentation sprint.

We will first open the floor for mini (not to exceed 5 minutes) presentations on theming. After a few of these, we will break into smaller groups and work on building out the Betaspaces best practices for Government Drupal installs documentation as well as look to build out the accessibility documentation on Drupal.org. We will also look at coding/building something for Open Public or other topic (depends on the group).

Space is limited, so, if you’re in the DC area on Thursday, April 20th, please sign up at eventbrite and join us.

Oh, and to sweeten this already brimming pot of awesome, we’re even going to talk a bit about Capital Camp and how you can get your Drupal training on!

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