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Records Management in a Facebook World: an Oxymoron?

For most organizations (government agencies included), the legal, regulatory, and policy frameworks for managing electronic information are all constructed upon paper. The massive growth in the volume and variety of business information means that we can no longer extend our paper-based paradigm further and further into the world of electronic and social information. The result is content chaos.

If you’re looking for education and resources that can help you, join AIIM for a FREE, one-day seminar and learn how to transform your digital disorder into a well-oiled information machine.

Our educational sessions will focus on these 4 essential elements:
– Mitigation – managing information assets against risk and legal costs in this era of social business
– Automation – minimizing paper and manual processes in core backend activities (finance, HR, sales, marketing)
– Collaboration – moving beyond email and shared drives to tools and techniques that foster innovation and knowledge share
– Communication – using social technologies to better find and engage customers

Registration is FREE and only takes a few minutes. Just go to www.aiim.org/ecmseminar.

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