Moscow authorities are now discussing their draft documents in electronic form

For the first time in history on Moscow government meeting all of the materials will be filed in electronic form on the desktop computers through a specialized information system. Government members’ve already received their passwords. Access to system is possible through any device via Internet. System is still in test mode, but it previously passed inspection work with no problems found.

Such a measure due to the fact that reprinting thousands of paper pages copies is cost and time-consuming procedure. New system will reduce the time for this work and cut-costs for the town hall. However, all materials for the government meeting are loaded into the system with the same mayors’ protocol department responsible for the documents. Previously used programs and the mayor’s office equipment didn’t not allow to make such radical changes, the new generation of software makes it possible.

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Jeff Ribeira

Sounds like a pretty significant step forward. I can only imagine a system with that much information stored on it has to have some serious security.