Most Effective B2G Social Media Tactics?

If you’re a government buyer, what are the most USEFUL ways that vendors use social media to offer you ideas / info that you find genuinely helpful?
How and when (if at all) is social media a good way for a vendor to find you and get to know you? Which social media groups are worth your time and effort (and you can access at all)?


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From my perspective as a govie, I don’t think of myself in the terms of government buyers, vendors, and B2G.

I’m generally looking to solve a problem at work and looking for information and tools to get that done. I talk to co-workers, friends at other agencies, look around on GovLoop, FB, Twitter for info, and Google as well.

Plus I passively keep up with topics I care about which are new technology, public service, and generational issues. I read a lot on these topics on blogs/soc net sites so I inadverently gather info on companies along the way which may effect me in the future.

To me, advertising now is all about adding value. I’m looking for info to do my job better not ads for ads sake.