Most Lucrative Miami Government Jobs

If you’re looking for Miami government jobs, or government positions anywhere throughout the country, it’s important to know where to begin.

Although the Miami area has lost some of its government workers throughout the economic recession, there are still plenty of career options if you want to work for local or federal government agencies.

The Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall area’s government industry employed 152,500 workers during February, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is down from 154,800 workers during January and a 1.9 percent decrease from last year.

However, there are still tons of local government options to choose from if you’re looking for work. Aside from the usual mayoral and commissioner positions, Miami has an extensive system of departments, organizations and programs, all of which need various workers.

If you’re more interested in finding a job on the federal level, this is a great time to begin looking for a position. This is in part because President Barack Obama plans to expand the number of civilians in the executive branch by 140,000 workers, making for a total of 2 million employees.

On top of that, the federal government plans to fill 293,000 “mission critical” jobs during the next five years. And with more than 40 percent of the current 1.5 million federal employees retiring during that time, the federal government will be looking for even more new employees.

So what types of federal government positions should you prepare for and apply to? Check out this list of the 20 most lucrative government jobs compiled by PayScale and The Blog:

  1. Economist – $104,000 per year; 72 percent increase
  2. Attorney – $103,000 per year; 71 percent increase
  3. FBI agent – $100,000 per year; 66 percent increase
  4. Senior electrical engineer – $98,600 per year; 64 percent increase
  5. Operations research analyst – $96,900 per year; 61 percent increase
  6. Government program manager – $94,400 per year; 57 percent increase
  7. Statistician – $94,200; 56 percent increase
  8. Aerospace engineer – $92,400 per year; 53 percent increase
  9. Senior policy analyst – $91,000 per year; 51 percent increase
  10. Information technology project manager – $90,600 per year; 50 percent
  11. Clinical psychologist – $89,100 per year; 48 percent increase
  12. Research scientist – $87,800 per year; 46 percent increase
  13. Senior mechanical engineer – $87,300 per year; 45 percent increase
  14. Software developer – $86,000 per year; 43 percent increase
  15. Physicist – $82,000 per year; 36 percent increase
  16. Computer systems engineer – $79,800 per year; 32 percent increase
  17. Senior financial analyst – $79,300 per year; 32 percent increase
  18. IT network engineer – $78,800 per year; 31 percent increase
  19. Computer and networking security consultant – $78,500 per year; 30 percent increase
  20. Intelligence analyst – $70,700 per year; 17 percent increase

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