Multiple Resumes on USAJOBS

I have the maximum number of saved resumes on USAJOBS. I’ve used each one at least once, but am using one particular resume significantly more, since I’ve recently started applying for similar jobs. That one resume is the one that I would like to customize as you’ve suggested. I don’t mind purging the other resumes but isn’t there an easy way for me to duplicate my resume by copying it? I don’t think cut and paste would work, even with an additional window open. I’d really appreciate your input. Thank you.

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Candace Riddle

Cari – If you find out the answer to this please let me know. I dread applying for anything through USAJOBS. I’ve always found it to be at least a 3 hour process.

Dave Concordia

There is a resume copy feature in the tool. It is probably not being shown to you because you have the maximum number of resumes already. Delete one you aren’t using anymore, and then copy the one you want to customize.

Lois E H Rawji, MS-IMPM, PMP

I use usajobs on a weekly basis. I just tested this. The feature is on with less than 5 resumes, off with 5 resumes.

Everytime you apply, save your KSAs in Word in order to build your KSA library…then the application process takes about 30 minutes. In fact, even if you don’t want that job in Timbuktu, copy the KSAs, answer them and save them to your KSA library, then when the job opens in Dallas, you’re ready…30 minutes of copying and pasting.