Gov’t Rock Star T-Shirt (Canadian Version)

Hey All,

I’ve been rocking my green Govloop t-shirt for a while now (especially during presentations) and casual Fridays around the office.

It’s a great conversation piece, but I wanted one that was a little more Canadian. Nothing against our cousins to the south, but I wanted one that rung a little more “true north, strong and free” if you catch my drift.

This is the prototype I put together, it’s not perfect but I think it’s fairly slick.

I’m looking for a Canadian t-shirt maker/distributor.
Any recommendations?

Also, please let me know if you are interested in grabbing one of these shirts. I’m on point for producing/distributing them here in Canada for my friends from Govloop.


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Keren Adderley

Love it!! You should be able to find a local company that does t-shirts. We are having a “take pride in the public sector” focus session as part of our strategic planning on october 28th. Any chance they’ll be ready?? We’d buy some!

Jennifer Naylor

I love this shirt and would definitely like one. I’ll also share the prototype with my learning org community in BC.