My eGov Santa Wish #3: Benchmark all Government Websites!

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Dear Santa,

I hope you got the elves on top of my previous wishes. My third wish is a very exciting one, which would definitely shake things up.

Santa Art by Anne (7 years)

The saying, “To measure is to know” also applies to e-Government. If we really want to give e-Government a boost on all levels, there is no better way than to start benchmarking it and then publishing the scores online. In Europe, they have been benchmarking Government websites for years now with impressive results.

A benchmark has 4 important effects:
1. As we all know, nobody wants to be on the bottom of any list so benchmarking urges directors to put e-Government on the agenda of every governmental organization.
2. Mayors, Council, Directors and other government officials of organizations that are at the top of the list tend to put more time and energy in e-Government. By doing this, they pave the path for the rest.
3. Governmental organizations are not competitors. The effect of sharing benchmark scores results in more cooperation and sharing of experience and knowledge.
4. And of course: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” Benchmarking will give any governmental organization its own tool to find out where they are, where they can go to and how they can improve.

So what do we need to benchmark? I suggest to benchmark 4 categories:
1. Accessibility: the accessibility of the website. Can be done largely automatic.
2. Open Data: the amount and quality of data sources that are opened to the public.
3. Public Engagement/Social Media: the various ways the government interacts and works with the citizens
4. Online Services: the amount and quality of services that is provided on the website

Santa, maybe the Government could hire some of your elves to help during your off season!

This is a series of 4 Santa Wishes for a better e-Government:
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-eGov Santa Wish #3: benchmark all Government websites
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I like it. I wonder how much of #2 and #3 will be incorporate in US Fed Govt in the Open Gov Dashboard. If so, part of your Santa wish may come true 🙂