National Assoc. of Government Communicators survey on the use of digital communications in North America

Do you communicate either outside or inside your government agency using
digital media as a tool?

If so, we request your participation in a North America-wide survey on how
government departments and agencies are increasingly transparent using digital

The National Association of Government Communicators, FedInsider and Adobe
are conducting a study on digital communications in the public sector.

This survey will explore usage, measurement and perceptions of various types
of digital communication in use by North American public sector professionals
to reach citizens, stakeholders, and staff.


The results will provide insight on how government communicators across
North America are currently using digital communications and how those
practices are projected to change in the future.

Your perspective is an important one, and we hope you’ll spend a few
moments sharing your opinion on the state of digital communications in government.

The survey results will be delivered at a complimentary webinar in
February 2014 as well as published at and

The survey will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.


Conducted by FedInsider, the National Association of Government
Communicators, and Adobe.

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