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National Assoc. of Government Communicators survey on the use of digital communications in North America Do you communicate either outside or inside your government agency using digital media as a tool? If so, we request your participation in a North America-wide survey on how government departments and agencies are increasingly transparent using digital communications. The National Association of Government Communicators, FedInsider and Adobe are conducting a study on digitalRead… Read more »

Citizen Engagement and Web-based enrollment webinar

Continue your training for digital media accessibility and excellence with our upcoming webinar. You and your colleagues are invited to join us for an interactive webinar focused on complying with government mandates for delivering digital content. As you know, the Administration is requiring electronic access to government by all citizens, regardless of device. Enrollment processesRead… Read more »

CLPs, CPEs, and CEUs at the Federal Senior Management Conference

Federal Senior Management Conference Board and Agenda Register today to earn CPE’s, CLP’s, and CEU’s at the Federal Senior Management Conference (FedSMC), April 15-18 at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Conference Center in nearby Cambridge, Maryland. Key speakers include: . Chris Inglis, Deputy Director, National Security Agency; . Dawn Meyerriecks, Deputy Director, National Intelligence forRead… Read more »

Diversity Matters to the Mission State Department veterans remember when the best way to describe their colleagues was “pale, male and Yale.” It wasn’t just State. At most federal departments, at the professional and managerial ranks, you found white men with similar backgrounds. Diversifying – employment, business ownership, contracting, college enrollment – as a movement followed the civil rightsRead… Read more »

FedInsider: Intel Community Operative Builds Electronic Crystal Ball

FedInsider: Intel Community Operative Builds Electronic Crystal Ball Deep in the intelligence community, a project seeks to build a model for detecting the future. Its goal is to someday give analysts a way of knowing what technologies are gestating in labs and research houses. If analysts knew which ones would emerge as successful products, suchRead… Read more »

Wyatt Kash of AOL Government adds a voice of reason to the $16 muffin discussion.

Huffington Post article Outrage Over $16 Muffin Was Half Baked The news this week that Justice Department had been caught allegedly spending $16 a piece for breakfast muffins and $8 for a cup of coffee for employees attending a conference in Washington two years ago was as stunning for its apparent extravagance as it wasRead… Read more »

NSTIC Sets Up a Tall Order “The Identity Ecosystem is the embodiment of the vision. It is an online environment where individuals and organizations can trust each other because they follow agreed-upon standards and processes to identify and authenticate their digital identities—and the digital identities of organizations and devices.”FedInsider News The above paragraph is on page 21 of the NationalRead… Read more »


Frank Eliason, senior vice president for social media at Citigroup, is not only a believer in social media, but also has put social media to work. Eliason recently joined Citi after making a reputation as a change agent at Comcast. FedInsider spoke with him following his presentation at last week’s Federal Senior Management Conference (FedSMC)Read… Read more »

Cyber Report Is Both Revealing and Puzzling

If the sheer volume of initiatives ensured cybersecurity, then the federal government would be one of the tightest entities in the world. Last week’s annual report on Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance is a paean to the many efforts underway by the Office of Management and Budget. It reiterates: Movement by agencies toRead… Read more »