Need for Mobile Productivity and Collaboration Driving Federal Cloud Deployments

If you’re in the government sector, new cloud services and products are likely in the plans for 2013. Cloudmomentum continues to build according to InformationWeek Government’s third annual Federal Cloud Computing survey, which showed that half of its agency respondents are currently moving ahead with cloud adoption or are in the early stages of doing so – up from 40 percent last year.

So, what’s spurring this growth? According to the survey, the move to the cloud is being driven by three primary business objectives:

– Lowering the cost of ongoing IT operations (54%)

– Reducing capital investments in servers and data center equipment (51%)

– Supporting mobile productivity and collaboration within the agency and with other agencies (37%)

Number three on this list came as no surprise to us, as we talk every day with organizations – within the government and enterprise sectors – who are looking for more efficient, secure, and cost effective ways to access and share information on mobile devices with people inside and outside of the organization. That need leads them toAccellion.

For Accellion customer Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD), the ability to collaborate quickly and securely makes all the difference for the youth they serve. Operating dozens of treatment facilities, correctional institutions and halfway houses throughout the state, TJJD needed a way for its 2,500 employees to share confidential data efficiently and reliably between parents, medical staff and legal counsel.

Before switching to Accellion, staff members often turned to mailing hard copies of documents, burning CDs, or encrypting individual emails in order to work around a cumbersome file transfer and encryption mechanism. TJJD clearly needed a better option, fast.

The same could be said for other government organizations at the federal, state and local level that select Accellion. These customers include government agencies such as NASA, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and theNational Institute of Standards of Technology that have a need for the strictest security and compliance requirements for the sharing and collaboration of digital information.

If mobile productivity and collaboration are part of your cloud plans for 2013, we can help.

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