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4 Email Productivity Tools That Actually Work

How many hours a day do you spend dealing with your email? It’s probably more than you think. Although email is a useful tool for getting business done, it can also be a huge time suck when you’re wading through confusing team threads or sorting through newsletters you don’t remember subscribing to. Fortunately, some very… Read more »

Customer Support liar

Government Calling? Don’t Get Scammed

If you’ve used the Internet even once in your life, you’re probably familiar with scams. From the more obvious pop-up viruses to the well-disguised phishing emails, scams are an ever-present nuisance in our lives in the digital age. While you have likely encountered fraud attempts online before, what about over the phone? In the wake… Read more »


Memos, Meetings, and Memes: Communicate ALL THE WAYS

When was the last time you savored every word in a five paragraph-long email? Or managed to endure an hour-long meeting without zoning out at least three times? Just because your answers were “never” to both of those questions doesn’t mean you have an abnormally poor attention span; it means that there is a disconnect… Read more »


Digital Engagement Series Part 6: Engage then Re-engage

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. You have tackled organizational goal setting, audience development, branding, audience acquisition, multi-channel marketing, and next you need to identify areas where you can gain greater awareness and participation to drive value for your organization and the citizens you serve. Audience engagement (and re-engagement) is a leading goal for public-sector communicators. But,… Read more »