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Network Society:The TEIA PROJECT – A New Opportunity

There is a considerable body of descriptions and analysis of social structures emerging at the turn of the twentieth century to the twenty-one that highlights the fact that contemporary societies are being the scene of extraordinary economic, political, cultural, social and technological change.

In the last decades of the twentieth century were a number of authors, from different perspectives, have studied this radical transformation of the production of social and identified it as a break with the patterns of industrial society.

Today the Internet offers countless technological infrastructure services free or at very low costs compared to services offered by traditional technology companies.Services ranging from simply building a blog tools to project management, construction of web pages and basic editing of photos.

This abundance of tools and online environments allows anyone to enjoy the services of technology without the need for heavy investments in hardware and software, as well as advanced knowledge of programming and computer maintenance.

From the use of the infrastructure available in Cloud, Project Technology, Entrepreneurship and Applied Innovation – TEIA, an innovative and unprecedented in the State of Minas Gerais, aims to create, train and continuously support a collective of operators (called TEIA Agents) Web 2.0 infrastructure. This group of people, and the provision of services to enterprises, export knowledge to other Brazilian states and also abroad.

These people provide services to small and medium businesses, municipalities, government agencies, educational institutions, unions, associations, helping them to take advantage of the technological infrastructure available in the cloud computing to achieve their goals and enhance the web deeds done in the traditional manner.

With these words the
Governor Aecio Neves officially launched the project in 2008:

“We are starting the project TEIA: Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Applied , a bold
and pioneering project which is to prepare Minas to the logic of ‘networked government’, in a clear trend where management must go hand in public.
And let me once more daring, we want to be at the forefront of this new understanding.

TEIA Project aims to bring to all corners of this great state, which has an area equivalent to that of France and a GDP equivalent to that of Chile, with knowledge on how to use tools or Web 2.0 Internet 2.0. What creates almost endless opportunities for new contacts, new partnerships, new alliances, access to new technologies and exchange of information. “

The TEIA Project is the new Minas Gerais´Revolution, in the sense that gave opportunity for thousands
of people build their road to transformation and a different way of doing things.

The first milestone was the creation of social networking www.teia.mg.gov.br, which serves as a platform for all activities of the project, with basic information, the pillars, available technologies, the ability of citizens to integrate and interact with the project and all other persons (or entities) that, somehow, has to do with the network.

Within this network, we
can act in various ways.
Upon registration, the User is given the power to choose, within your profile and area of interest, the best way to act in this game, whether as agent, customer and visitor.

Importantly, from the virtual network (TEIA network), preferring the concept of collective construction, and specific demands are fought numerous discussions, and members of the network are organized into groups, so that your subjects pessoal/profissional. interest are entered for analysis and personal growth / professional.

Thus it is possible to imagine a society manipulated by this free technology infrastructure, conducting their personal and professional projects in a collaborative and working in a distributed network will suffer a positive impact on their economic and social fruits of innovation in society by use of services environment in their processes of learning, communication, coordination and business.

The self-sustaining process, also offers the opportunity for participants to establish themselves in their communities generating income for services rendered.

In short, thought most of the project is the possibility of any User (citizen or company) to enter the network, an edge (to be known, relationships and / or financial) and I will leave the opportunity for another User can obtain
your advantage. It is in the “win-win” that the project has the prop.

There is no competition, there is greater market and / or knowledge. To the rear, all is shared and information is generated, processed, analyzed and reported by members of the network in time and time, the way he likes best.

Even in a short time of action, TEIA reaps benefits quickly drew the attention of global giants such as Google and company, while helping to change (and improve) the lives of thousands of people, such as the young Solange Moreira , as shown in the
statements below:


“I met the WEB at the
Congress of Municipalities on 30 October.
From there I started getting e-mails of activities on the project worked as WEB.I was opening up, knowing, for me and tell me I was identifying with the project.

My first demand was with
my mother.
It was through Batismo Digital.””>Digital Baptism . They had two modes: The Web 1.0 for the person who had no Internet access and Web 2.0 for those who already had access. I took my mother, because she is a consultant for Natura. Natura was encouraging the consultants to order online.

She gives gifts to the consultants who did the internet. I created an e-mail to her, because I needed to create an e-mail. I sat with her in front of a computer, asked her to enter the e-mail it to enter her code and start browsing the site of Natura. Then she began to feel cool! She has 66 years, so forher it was a wonder. And even today it never stopped, just internet.

As of now I’m seeing
this: I’m moving, I making the difference in my profession.
I always say that and many speak there in large lectures, only 5% make the difference. And today I understand,
learning these tools, I’ll be part of the 5% that make the difference. “

Alexandre Hohagen –

“Mr. Secretary, my dear
bloggers, Google Fellow, good afternoon.
I would say that I will not stay here for longer than two minutes because the work that was done here is a work of yours. We are merely supporting actors in being able to share our tools and can help them put in place a project that I without a doubt, without fear of error, say, design is more exciting, engaging, complete I’ve ever seen since we started the operation of Google in Brazil. And today as Director General for Latin America, have seen a number of initiatives like this and never, Governor (Aecio Neves), I never saw a project that could involve as intelligent all players in this game we call Internet 2.0.

I would like to
congratulate the initiative, and involvement.
And I am very very happy, I’m very proud to be in town that I am in the business I’m in, I’m in the country and see that such a government was able to put what I call a
virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship and
sustainability based on the technology. I really, Governor, I speak from the heart, that I have never seen a project so well placed,

so engaging. And I’m sure that not only the pioneer in Brazil, not only the pioneer in the Americas, but this is a pioneering project in the world. And I would love that Google took as an example what is happening here today, the concept of multipliers, the concept of community involvement, the concept of being able to use technology to bring sustainability that we could, Governor, take this experience with Google for other countries in the world. Congratulations,
excellent work. “

Therefore, the main result obtained by the project of the Government of Mines is the economic and social development of citizens and the consequentimprovement in quality of life for ourselves by supplying the tools,
knowledge and methodology for replication.
All this in a free, democratic, participatory and interactive.

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