New 6-part Webinar beginning October 29: “How to Get Winning Prose from Non-Professional Proposal Writers”

If you’re like most Proposal Manager professionals, you’re overworked,
overstressed and spending unnecessary time rewriting proposal sections that should
have been completed correctly by someone else. After years of doing just that I discovered the secret to easier proposal writing was training my technical staff to “write it right” the first time.

I am now sharing my successful techniques in a six-week webinar October 29 – December 10 (we will skip the week of Thanksgiving).

In the webinar, you will discover how to teach your proposal writers to:
• Write better and more efficiently
• Double your writing speed by using the correct writing process and eliminating unnecessary rewriting
• Defeat writers’ block to save money, decrease stress, and increase productivity
• Use the full brain-power of your team by facilitating left-brained engineering staff to access their inner creativity and develop brilliant and original solutions
• Increase the quality of your proposals since you will have more time to polish them
• Increase your win rate by using simple and commonly available tools and techniques, to make your proposals an easy read for evaluators

For more information and to register visit

Olessia Smotrova-Taylor

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