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Foundations of Capture Management workshop on September 25-26

Foundations of Capture Management workshop on September 25-26 Foundations of Capture Management workshop will arm you with real knowledge and tools you can apply immediately to capturing contracts. You will master techniques for customer engagement, intelligence gathering, win strategy development, competitive analysis, teaming, solution development, and more. This is an interactive 2-day workshop that isRead… Read more »

Proposals Writing: Solution Development – Win Themes, Management, Risk, Past Performance, Resumes, Technical Volumes

April 28-29, 2011 in North Bethesda, MD This course will offer you techniques, templates, checklists, and opportunities to develop win themes, management sections, risk sections, past performance references, resumes, and technical volumes. This course focuses on solution development, including Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), and explores in detail the type of content that goes into compliant,Read… Read more »

Top 10 government proposal mistakes and how to avoid them – FREE 1-hour webinar on March 9, 2011 (1pm EST)

Neither large nor small businesses are immune to governmentproposal mistakes that often lead to highly undesirable results.However, there are ways to avoid most of them and largely decrease the risk of losing the pursuit. This coming Wednesday, March 9, 2011 (1pm EST), I am hostingFREE 1-hour webinar “Top 10 Proposal Mistakes and How to AvoidRead… Read more »

It was a dark and stormy night…

Last weekend, I took my 6-year-old daughter, Julia, to her first ever gymnastics tournament, despite a grueling proposal schedule. No matter what, I didn’t want to miss a chance to share her memorable first experience. But as with life, there were a few unexpected bumps in the road. The Tournament took place about 6 hoursRead… Read more »

Proposal Lessons from an Aerial Forest Adventure Park

Would you rather listen to this article? Here it is Proposal Lessons from an Aerial Forest Adventure Park, read by Olessia. A week ago I invited a very fit and adventurous girlfriend of mine (whom my husband says reminds him of Angelina Jolie) to join me in climbing in the largest aerial forest adventure parkRead… Read more »

Lessons Learned from a Proposal Disaster

We have had a wonderful winning streak in the past year and a half winning literally every proposal we ran, but all of a sudden, our fortunes turned. A new client engaged us to help them prepare a proposal. They agreed to provide to us some key inputs such as subject matter expertise, raw pastRead… Read more »

How to Keep Your Government Proposals Customer-Focused – Lessons from a 5-year Old

My 5-year old this morning didn’t want to put on a dress. I guess she had a different outfit in mind… Perhaps a pair of shorts, or a skirt – but not the sun dress with cherries on it that I handed to her. But that’s not what she told me. Instead, she looked atRead… Read more »

Why Understanding the Cycle of Business Development is important to Winning Government Proposals

My 5-year-old daughter, when working on a puzzle, knows to glance at the whole picture first, before starting to assemble the pieces. She is up to 30-piece puzzles now, which have gotten quite complex. So, her process is to study the picture, and then find a corner piece to which she then starts adding pieces.Read… Read more »

Blueprint for Winning Government Contracts for Small Businesses

Join a one-time-only, 12-week, 30-hour webinar starting May 12 that provides a complete system for defining strategy, finding opportunities, marketing, preparing for proposals through masterful capture, writing winning proposals, and winning multimillion dollar contracts to catapult the growth of your small business in the federal market. Unlike any other course, this webinar series takes youRead… Read more »

Tip 1 of the top 10 tips for winning government contracts – part 1

It was a gorgeous weekend here in the Metro Washington, DC area. We had a house full of kids hunting for Easter eggs, with adults eating traditional Uzbek rice pilaf and Russian kulichis (an Easter pastry that looks and tastes like Panetini that you see in grocery stores around Thanksgiving time). Yumm. It was aRead… Read more »