New Congress Application for iPhone and Android Puts Government Info Right In Your “Palm”

Since getting my new HTC Droid Incredible, I’ve been gleefully exploring the growing number of applications available for Android. This week I was thrilled to discover CONGRESS, a new Open Source Android application by Sunlight Labs.

Technology and Politics are two of my passions. I’m a huge proponent of open and transparent government and regularly blog about Government 2.0 developments.

This application is available in versions for the iPhone and Android. It’s a terrific example of how technology can be used to inform and enable citizens and stakeholders.

I would love to see someone take this Open Source application and expand it to
serve both State & Local Government. Michigan Gubernatorial candidates Rick Snyder and Mike Cox are calling for open / “reinvented” state government. Hopefully, if one of them becomes our next Governor, this will be the type of Government 2.0 application the citizens of Michigan can look forward to!

If you own an android phone, you can use your ScanLife application to download the Congress App using this code

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John Westra

No dig intended re Palm. I was a loyal Palm user for many years an wish they hadn’t repeatedly squandered their potential. WebOS is likely dead, despite HP’s intervention. Too bad. It had far more potential than it will ever realize due to Palm’s neglect.