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To Help the Public, Give Your Own Staff Better Digital Tools

One very impactful way to improve public service delivery is to create tools to help operational staff do their jobs more effectively or efficiently.

Modernized Networking Is Key to Intelligent Transportation

By Kevin Jennings and Roch Muraine Public safety is at the heart of the mission of most transportation departments (DOTs). In addition to reducing the risk of traffic injury or death, DOTs are looking to support state and local environmental goals by minimizing the pollutants that drive climate change and impact public health. Many areRead… Read more »

How Transit Agencies Can Drive Improvements

Before the pandemic hit, public transit agencies were going through a rough patch, which meant less money for infrastructure, maintenance and modernization.

Transportation Data Reveals the 100 Greenest Metro Areas in the US

Many cities moved quickly to adjust transportation infrastructure. Your agency can use this data to gain insights for your transportation planning efforts.

What Orlando’s Traffic Fatalities Revealed About Outdated Transportation Plans

Traffic fatalities rose even as driving decreased in 2020, and transportation planners stepping up their safety initiatives — especially for pedestrians.

Two Inspiring Data Stories

If you’re still thinking through ways to lighten your workload, overcome challenges, and better serve your constituents, examining other government wins can kick start your imagination. Check out the following successful data uses from Memphis and New York for inspiration.